The best way to connect with someone is to take a genuine interest in the conversation and what their point of view is. To genuinely take an interest, we ask questions and then we listen to or read with comprehension, the person’s response before we speak/type again. Acknowledgement of what the person has just communicated is important because you show you are paying attention. Not all conversation has to be a lesson you are teaching. Ask questions, you may learn something.

Instilling Value

Engagement in your outer community that isn’t somewhere you spend time conversing or giving help daily is an effective way to connect with new people. Visit an online group you wouldn’t normally. Giving some of your knowledge and experience freely doesn’t hurt you and it provides value to your community while opening new chances for you to connect with people.

Keeping the Connection

Staying in contact with someone you’ve connected with on a semi-regular basis without “touching them” too much is an important way to cement and then keep the connection. There are four quarters/seasons in one year so if you reached out to the person once per quarter; it shows continued interest in the relationship on your part.

These three keys are how to make good connections.

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Making Good Connections

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