The website is currently under construction

The association has an approved structure, is past its inception; and our membership is now being built.

Soon, association seats will be opened, and a call put out for members to fill them. 

This association is the first & only of its kind in our industry. It was built to provide a home and support for the raw diet formulation + canine nutrition field.

Created in October 2018 & approved for professional structure in January 2019.

Below are some of the benefits & features of various membership levels:

  • A Professional Network Directory for Members
  • Database of Credentialing Programs/CEUs
  • Mentoring Program for Newer Professionals
  • The Raw Diet + Canine Nutrition Professionals' Facebook Group (Clickable Link)
  • Tools + Resources for Diet Formulators
  • Diet Formulator + Nutrition Services Directory for Feeders to Find a Professional That Fits Their Needs
  • Course Platform for Professional Members to Offer Their Paid Courses to The Public
  • Digital Library for Professional Members to Offer Their Purchasable eBooks for Download
  • Additional Outlets Being Built

Initial invitations will begin emailing out the week of June 24th, 2019 & will continue as professionals are recommended for membership and vetted.

Membership eligibility information can be obtained by directly contacting via the form below and it is also outlined on the Facebook group description.

All root membership is gratis (free).

We are very excited to embrace qualified canine nutrition professionals and their specialties.

This association has been built because we didn’t have one and it is much needed. 

“It is better to build a longer table than a higher fence… we’ve got plenty of room.”